A few years ago it seemed like a flat screen TV was something that only the wealthy could have, but with the prices of them falling it seems that anyone can bring home a 52" flat screen for ultimate TV viewing.

According to Yahoo Finance the price of flat screen TV's has fallen dramatically in the last few years.  They say that just a few years ago a 55" Sony would go for somewhere around $6,000 but now you can bring it home for under $3,000.  You may want to go grab up your new TV now.

December is usually a big money maker for both retailers and manufacturers, but Best Buy has reportedly seen nearly a 30% drop in income and they blame the slash in prices on TV's for that.  So why are costs being cut?  A few years ago flat screen TV's were in very high demand and companies over manufactured and now they are left with tons of TV's and no one to buy them.

The solution is to cut prices, so now maybe you have people buying a second flat screen for the den or finished basement.  However retailers are the ones who suffer because with the forced price slashing they lose out.  Their loss however is our gain, so go get yourself a TV.