Either this dude thought for a moment that he was Shadow Cat of the X Men or he has the depth perception of Pirate. I may not know every rule about base ball but I believe that large strip of bright orange dirt is there for a reason. Do out fielders just forget where they are on the field or does Bryce Harper just have super long dancer’s legs that he forgets how few strides it take him kill himself on the wall?

Something tells me Harper might have been faking this whole thing. If it weren't for the blood I’d say he was just looking for a little attention from the trainer. My dog does the same thing when she wants her head pet too.

If Harper is going to continue to make mistakes like this he may want to step up his game. I got the perfect guy for Bryce to train with to ensure no wall ever stand in his way again. Mr. Bryce Harper meet your new coach, Kool-aid!