Charges have been brought against two Troy High athletes for their involvement in a violent assault on two students from a rival school.

More people could potentially be involved in this crime in which approximately 30 attackers and onlookers witnessed the brutal beating of two Catholic Central High School students.  The victims were attending a party near Elmwood Cemetery when they were attacked after about an hour after their arrival.  Witnesses say there was no provocation in the incident, yet one victim was dragged into the woods and "beaten senseless" while the other victim's jaw was broken in three places after being punched, kicked, and hit with clubs and tree limbs.  Now, two perpetrators are facing felony assault charges.

The story is still developing, but neither the names of the victims nor a motive for the crime have been released yet.  The names of other people thought to be behind the beating also have not been released at this time.

I read about this story this afternoon and it hit a nerve with me personally.  As a former CCHS alum, it's unnerving to see this kind of behavior come out of places that seemed to share a "healthy" rivalry in the past.  Granted, the motive for the whole incident is unclear, and there may not even be one at all, but what could possibly have been so dire that it required retaliation on this level?  Whether over a girlfriend/boyfriend, a previous disagreement, school rivalries, or whatever, there is NO cause to do damage of this scale or nature to anyone or anything.  My 10-year reunion is actually coming up in another month or so, and it's frightening to remember how simple things were back then when compared to what these kids seem to be facing now.  One victim apparently can't stop looking over his shoulder.  Honestly, can you blame him/her?  The only thing that's been accomplished here is that at least four individuals’ lives have been turned upside down.

This post is not meant to bash one school or praise another; it's just to point how asinine violence is.  It really is just as simple as that.  Public service announcement complete.