If you're traveling from Albany to Buffalo on the New York State Thruway, y0u might want to keep your windows closed!   Crews are putting down a compost that contains human sewage to fertilize grass and it stinks.  Some of that sewage came from Schenectady which has a biosolids facility and sold the crap to the New York State Thruway Authority. 

We don't want you to think that Schenectady is the poop capital of New York State and they have so much of it that they need to put it on the side of the road. The county operates a biosolid facility that processes biosolids, shredded wood and other organic wastes to produce an exceptional-quality compost. Other organic wastes include treated human sewage or sludge.

Crews are putting down the compost along a 15 mile stretch of road close to Syracuse between exits 39 and 40 to promote the re-growth of grass.  The state paid $529,750 for the poop.  The compost is a class A compost and should pose no threat to environmental or health risks. Still its poop and why are they using human waste instead of cow manure?

As crews put down the compost, there is a smell and it will dissipate over time. Beware as you travel along the thruway and remember what that smell is, so you don't blame your wife, girlfriend or kids as letting one go in the car!