Last month I excitedly wrote about the coming of 'Reborn,' the fifth studio album by Trapt that was set for a November 20 release. Today the music world got word that for unknown reasons the band has decided to push back the release date until early next year.

The new debut date for 'Reborn' is January 22, 2013.

The titles of all four Trapt albums have told a story all on their own- “Trapt” (trapped), “Someone In Control,” “Only Through The Pain” and “No Apologies.” Together, they tell the story of struggle and getting through everything with new found life and glory, which makes the new album’s title a very appropriately fitting one. I think the new release date is better fitting, as it will bring in the new year where we are all "Reborn," especially when the world was planned to end in December of this year.

The new record was produced by Trapt front man Chris Taylor Brown, in addition to Matt Thorne, and will be released via Epochal Artist Records and distributed via EMI Label Services. Standard and deluxe versions, which feature five additional acoustic tracks, will be available.

The official track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Bring It
02. Love Hate Relationship
03. Experience
04. Eye Of The Storm
05. Livewire
06. Going Under
07. Too Close
08. Strength In Numbers
09. Get Out Of Your Own Way
10. When It Rains
11. You're No Angel

Do you plan on getting the new Trapt album?