Back on June 13, after a random series of text messages with singer Chris Taylor Brown - TRAPT stopped by the Q103 studios on their way to New Hampshire to play acoustically and talk about their plans for the rest of the year

The band was last in the Albany ares in February for a show at the Upstate Concert Hall. Before that show, Chris joined Dalton for a Garage Session. Now, several months later, the band is back out on the road and even gearing up for a fall tour as Chris explains:

The big tour (announcement) is gonna come in about a month or so. We're going to call it the "Love Hate Fest".

We're going to put together the biggest package of awesome bands that we can put together and just roll around for the rest of the year

Who are these bands? Chris and the guys are talking to several right now, nothing confirmed yet, but from the names he mentioned to me off air - this is going to be big. You can expect that once the announcement is made, you'll hear about it first on Q103 and also expect to see a Upstate Concert Hall date too.

Speaking of touring, on the road and playing shows in the States is completely different than overseas. Bassist Peter Charell spoke on the differences:

When we played in Japan. I thought they hated us because they would just stand there.

They're very proper but when the song ends, they explode.

Chris continued by saying:

They're totally fanatic.

When you go to Europe or Japan, it's like you're a movie - it's just crazy.

We also talked about the potential of a re-release of their latest album "Reborn" which could feature bonus tracks, the making of their videos, taking control of their careers by doing it all themselves, and the funniest experience they had with a fan.

The complete interview can be heard below, along with the acoustic performances.


Interview Part 1

'Love Hate Relationship' Acoustic Performance

Interview Part 2

'Bring It' Acoustic Performance