Honestly, there is no reason for traffic to be stopped for a lousy lane merge. Two lanes become one, simple concept!

My 20 min commute because a 45 min commute because of one simple lane merge on central avenue. One simple lane merge, that the rest of Albany couldn’t comprehend. If the right lane ends then use the left lane. And left lane people, don’t try to prevent those merging from coming over! You’re only causing problems. There's no need for that. it's not like we’re all racing to get onto an end of the world 2012 arch with John Cusack. If there’s a lane merge use the zipper effect!

The zipper effect is what I call the edict of a merge. 2 lanes come to a merge. A car form the right lane goes then a car from the left lane goes and repeat. I go, you go, I go, you go…ect. Like a god damn zipper! It’s so simple, but time after time I see people inch up and put on the block and prevent people from getting in when it’s their turn. what are you trying to prove people! This is America and we all need to work together, if we don’t zipper then the terrorist win!