Six-year-old Dayton, Ohio-based sextet The Devil Wears Pradaare ready to release yet another full-length album, making it number four for the successful band. The record, titled Dead Throne, is due out in just over a week, on September 13. The track list has just been released, and is available after the jump.

Last year, the band released their only EP to date, which was titled Zombie. Hopefully, the EP was a glimpse into what Dead Throne will sound like. If so, it will be epic.

The track list is as follows:

1. "Dead Throne"   2:45
2. "Untidaled"   2:55
3. "Mammoth"   2:43
4. "Vengeance"   3:02
5. "R.I.T"   2:49
6. "My Questions"   3:12
7. "Kansas"   3:36
8. "Born to Lose"   3:05
9. "Forever Decay"   3:25
10. "Chicago"   2:45
11. "Constance" (featuring vocalist Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying) 3:19
12. "Pretenders"   3:28
13. "Holdfast"   3:49

This album has more serious titles than TDWP fans are used to, but perhaps that means the band is growing and maturing into an even better band. I can't wait to go pick up my copy in nine days!

Listen to samples of the new album here.

Are you a TDWP fan? Will you be getting the new album?