It's super easy to forget how awesome we had it growing up in the 80's and 90's. We had everything right? From little pieces of plastic that insert into a light up box, action figures with very small pieces to toy guns without the little orange tips. Yep, we were even allowed to go outside and play without a ton of supervision, in the front yard even!

Now-a days it seems like every aspect of our lives is monitored times three. How many kids do you see running around your neighborhood, by themselves? How many kids do you see running around with toy guns, without Nerf splattered on the side? You just don't see that anymore, do you?

Speaking of toy guns without the orange tips, what are the odds these toys make a come back?

Wow!!! You mean we could actually run around spraying each other down with water guns that looked real? You mean, all we had to do was go refill our plastic AK clips with H20 and get back to playing army guy?

Wow, we had it pretty good didn't we? It was actually ok to go outside and play. I kind of feel bad for kids these days. They're stuck with crappy plastic nerf darts, fenced in backyards and parents who would rather lock them down then let them run free.

Yep, so long to actually being a kid. But hey, as kids of today grip their orange tipped nerf guns they can most certainly act like they have the real thing as Call of Duty and Army commercials come on TV.

Of course the above verbiage is merely my opinion, however, what are you thinking?