A city in the country of Poland literally has their name translated to English as End of The World. They hope that after today, their city sign will no longer be stolen on a regular basis.

The city, Koniec Swiata, has accused outsiders of taking signage around the city due to their name and making their daily lives difficult. While some might welcome tourist activity, the town is a rather small and they are used to being left alone.

They have lost more then 6 six city signs to doomsday hunter thieves. Resident Ronald Adamus told media "Our name means literally End Of The World, so once the doomsday hunters found this out they wouldn’t leave us alone."

Another resident, who is 80, said "I’ve lived here all my life and these people are a bloody nightmare. Hopefully they’ll leave us alone when the world doesn’t end." Somehow I doubt that.

So far today, the world has not ended. If it doesn't anytime soon I'm sure the town will still see their unwanted visitors. I get the fact a small town might not like a tourist but hey, milk it for what's it worth while you have it. Set up some souvenir stores with shirts that read "I've seen the end of the world and all I got was this shirt". Just saying.