Not only is it kinky, but it’s also a part of a well balanced diet. You Canadians sure know how to party! I mean teach, Teach!

SUN NEWS reported that a Toronto school board posted a link on their website directing kids to a site with kinky sexual information. The site contained tips on how to perform sex acts on their partners and on themselves. Needles to say the lame square parents are in an uproar to the school board.

I see little harm in the school doing this. It’s not like they were holding demonstrations in the class room. The kids were visiting the site online (Which they do on their own ANYWAYS). Why would parents be mad about this, wouldn’t you want your kids using a web site they won’t get a computer virus from instead of what they would normally be searching?

I wish someone would have shown me this stuff when I was in high school. Just think of how many awkward evenings of my twisting and biting I could have avoided. Not to mention I could have had a healthy sexual relationship and keep a steady fiber filled diet!