Andrew Luck says he’s staying at Stanford to win a PAC-10 championship and a get his degree in architectural design. What a bold move considering how bad things went for the last 2 top prospects for the NFL. 

Jake Locker’s decision probably cost him millions by dropping him from a top pick for 2010, to a middle of the road guy in 2011. While Sam Bradford had an injury plagued senior season, fortunately the Rams still decided to give him a monster deal anyway. What would you do if you had the choice? Finish school, or go for the cash? I’d go for the cash! This will make things interesting for Jim Harbaugh who’s already getting multi-million dollar offers to coach elsewhere in college and the NFL. My money says that Harbaugh will sign a one year deal to hang around Stanford in hopes of a National Championship, with a little Luck on his side!