Kid Rock brings his "Best Night Ever" tour to SPAC on Wednesday (9/4) and to celebrate, here are 5 songs we hope he plays live!

If you want to go to the show for FREE - get out your phone and text "KIDROCK" (one word) to 89000. Ten lucky texters will get hooked up with a pair of tickets to the show!


#5 - You Never Met A Motherf***er Quite Like Me

The song speaks for itself and it's a perfect intro to the list

#4- American Bad Ass

I know what you might say, "it's a frickin Metallica rip off". To an extent, true. But Metallica gave him the go-ahead to turn 'Sad But True' in to what you hear in American Bad Ass. I'm not a huge fan of sampling but damn if Rock didn't hit it right on the money.

#3 - Welcome 2 The Party

I'm an old skool rap fan and this song stood out to me on the "Rebel Without A Cause" album because of the feel. Sure, it's not "rock" but that's what made Kid Rock so successful early on - his vast musical variety.

#2 - Bawitdaba

The song that helped to put Kid Rock on the map. Remember MTV's TRL? I still laugh that Rock was accepted by Carson Daily and the MTV teenie boppers. Hey, we were able to get an actual rock band on that damn show - chalk that up as a victory!

#1 - Cowboy

The song I think that got everyone in to Kid Rock. Cowboy got me to buy "Rebel Without A Cause" and from there I was hooked. I remember being a freshmen in high school driving around and rocking out the entire album thinking we were cool (oh you know you did it too).