The Holiday season makes people want to do something special for those they love. For some it means offering a devotion of love and asking someone to spend the rest of their life with them. Now, I know I’m not suppose to find pleasure in other peoples emotional pain, however when something like this goes wrong I can’t help it.

Watching some one get rejected from a wedding proposal is like looking at some ones horribly disfigured hand. You know you shouldn’t stare but the more you try to look away the more you want to see.

I have compiled my top 5 favorite public marriage proposal rejections. Nothing makes me laugh more then someone being so sure of something only to have them be completely wrong.

I still can’t understand why any of these women said “No”.. I mean the guys in each video pick the most romantic places ever to pop the question, Sports stadiums, game shows, and Lame Am talk shows.

See girls storm off crying, men left in despair and reactions that end with a slap instead of an answer of “yes” or “no”.