All this talk about wieners, and more notably, Anthony Wiener, has forced my mind to wander in places it shouldn't. As for this blog, the research I did, well, let's just say I did research. Aside from Weinergate, there have been a quite a few below-the-belt public showings. If I wanted to be mean, I would have rated the packages, but I wouldn't want to bring tears to anyones eyes. Or would I?

Tito Ortiz

Ortiz actually has one of the most recent dong shots, but his manhood has been overpowered by Mr. Weiner himself. Ortiz is known for being a bad-boy, and claims his phone was "hacked" after the photo went public. I highly doubt this will hurt his career, and if anything he will have bigger game with the ladies.

Vince Neil

This Motley Crue member is coming to SPAC this summer. This bad boy has been in and out of jail this past year, so hopefully he keeps his cool before coming to the area. Anyways, Vince has had sex tapes released with him doing the deed with Janine Lindemulder and another with Brandy Ledford in the early 90's. I didn't watch them or see anything, and don't plan on it.

Tommy Lee

Now that brings me to Tommy Lee of Moteley Crue. Lee revealed his manhood to the world  after publicizing his video footage of him and Pamela Anderson on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, the honeymoon was over, and so was their marriage. At least the video brought them so profit. Hey, I'm trying to look on the bright side.

Jimi Hendrix

Without a doubt, one of the greatest guitarists in history was also a frisky rockstar. If you were unaware, Hendrix has a sex tape, not with one, but eight other unidentified women.  It was released to the public in 2008.

Gene Simmons



The rumor is KISS frontman, Gene Simmons, has slept with over 4,000 women. Karma certainly came and bit Simmons in the butt after a sex tape of him and an Australian companion was released to the public. I wonder if he used one of us his brand name condoms. Too bad the nookie didn't take place recently because he could have used one of his KISS condoms with his face on it. Awkward.

Eric Dane

Eric Dane (aka McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy) has let his junk out in the public. As a matter of fact, his video wasn't a sex scandal. It was actually just a nude video of his hanging out with his wife and her female friend after using illegal drugs and drinking beer. The controversy behind the video was that everyone was under the influence, not necessarily because he was naked. I have no issue with him being scantily clad.  Team McDreamy and McSteamy all the way!

Brett Favre

We can't forget about Favre. He got caught sexting a sports reporter, Jenn Sterger, a couple months ago. Real classy Mr. Favre, now the whole world gets to see your manhood on the Internet, or what's left of it.  According to the Gawker, Favre's ding-a-ling was a "Thumbs down. Tragic lack of self-awareness." Ouch!

Lady Gaga

Last year rumors surfaced about Lady Gaga actually sporting nice male part of her own. In an interview with 20/20, Lady Gaga stated she is all woman and stuffed her bottoms. Generally celebs have surprises hiding under their sleeves. In Lady Gaga's case it was in her panties. Even if she was sporting some junk, I'd still love her.

If you're curious about the NFSW pictures and videos, I suggest you Google their scandals. You'd be surprised what you find on the Internet, or maybe you won't since it's 2011.