Yesterday was April Fools day. From Twitter charging for vowels to the new Gmail Blue. Everyone got in on the fun. Here are our Top 5:


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    Google Nose

    Ever wonder what a ghost smells like? Well with Google Nose beta you can find out. The newest way to search on google is by scent.


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    Vimeo becomes "a one stop source for cat videos".


    Denis Borisovich,
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    Netflix Newest Categorys

    Netflix helps us find movies that we would normally search for. Like Movies in english but still require subtitles, Reality T.V. shows about people with no concept of reality, and When you watch Netflix it watches you. Thanks Netflix.

    Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar,
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    Google Maps

    Google Maps was change in to a big treasure map. It was because of this map We learned there was a Roessleville N.Y. between Colonie and Albany.


    Google Maps,
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    Twitter Premium

    It was reported that Twitter was going to start charging for vowels in a effort to keep tweets to shorter. We would have had the options to pay for a premium account at $5 dollars a month or the vowelless standard edition.