Golf is a strange wacky game, it can be very rewarded and relaxing but can also be the most frustrating game on the planet.  It's simple:  hit a small white ball with a club down a stretch of ground into a small hole.  How hard is that?   People have spent their entire lives analyzing the game of golf.  Here are the 5 best funny unwritten rules of golf. 

I stumbled upon the Top 50 unwritten rules of golf.  I thought I'd share the five best that most golfers have experienced and felt.

#5 wake up

It's easier to wake up at 6am for a 7am tee time than it is to wake up at 10a to mow your lawn.  Remember the rake along side the bunker is really for those who feel guilty about skipping out on doing yard work.

#4 putter selection

Don't buy a putter until you have the chance to throw it.   We've all been there!   I imagine there are many golf clubs ruined or bend hitting a tree or the ground.

#3 Birdie

Every time a golfer makes a birdie, he must subsequently make two triple bogeys to restore the fundamental equilibrium of the universe.   This make absolute sense.

#2 the 18th hole

A great round on the 18th hole has stopped many golfers from actually giving up on the game.  Oh sure you can always do better the next time you play.  See you're hooked!

#1 your best game...

No matter how well you play- Your best round of golf will be immediately followed by your worst round.

These five reasons are some of the reasons why we decided to hold the first ever Q103 Dysfunctional Golf Tournament.  We know how frustrated it can be to play the game of golf.  We hope to give you some humorous relief.   Each hole we hope to distract you.  You could say that you already play bad enough - why would I want to get distracted and play worst.  That's the whole idea.  You get to spend a day away from work on a nice course playing the game you love.  It won't matter if you suck!

Some holes will have you teeing off blindfolded, on a mattress or being bothered by a air horn, but in the end just think of the crazy stories you'll be able to brag to your other golf mates at your next outing.

" I nailed the 14th hole at Orchard Creek,  they tried by blow an airhorn and I had to putt through a cute girl on the green"

After playing the 18 holes with a cart, you'll be able to sit back share stories and enjoy a free lunch all while listening to an acoustic show from Free Beer & Hot Wings Show Band - Wayland.

All golfers will also be able to win a VIP experience to the Q103 Q-Ruption concert at SPAC on September 1st featuring Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach and many others.

Doesn't the Q103 Dysfunctional Golf Tournament sound like fun?  Register now and we'll see you at Orchard Creek in Altamont on Monday June 25th.