Last year, Q103 debuted the Garage Session where your favorite bands play acoustically in our garage while hanging out with you. Pretty cool idea right? Nothing like getting up close and personal in a private setting with a band you love. So far, we've had 6 bands come in to play including Nonpoint, Trapt, and Young Guns

On June 11th, the next installment of the Garage Session series will take place with No. 7 featuring Shinedown. I can't tell you how excited I am about this as they are one of those bands that sound so amazing acoustically and to see it in person, magical.

Want to attend? Click the button below for more info and to get you ready, here are my Top 5 Shinedown songs, performed acoustically.

  • 1

    Second Chance

  • 2

    Simple Man

  • 3

    Call Me

  • 4

    I Dare You

  • 5