For some strange reason, I take an interest in Maxim magazine, possibly like the interest men take in Cosmopolitan. I came across this article on Maxim's website and it's pretty awesome, seeing as the royal wedding is at the end of the week. It's titled the "Top 5 Royal Scandals of All Time." There's nothing more exciting with celebrities or some public figure than scandal. I thrive on the scandal and so does the media.

  • Caligula (AD 12 - AD 41 )
    Caligula was a Roman Emperor and he was known  for having orgies. He's had sexual relationships with his sisters, and he was even their pimp. He was the perv of all perverts and slept with other men's wives for bragging rights. Penthouse founder, Bob Guccione, even made a video biography about his life in 1979. If you're wondering, the movie received horrible reviews since it was sexually explicit.  I couldn't find any information on if Caligula had any sexually transmitted diseases, but whether it's written in history or not, I'm pretty sure he had something nasty.
  • Prince Andrew (1960  - Present)
    Prince Andrew is currently the Duke of York. He is one of Queen Elizabeth II's sons.  He's noted for dating porn star, Koo Stark (aka Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark). For those of you unaware of her. She played a role in the movie, Emily, which consisted of an infamous shower scene with another woman. At this point, the whole world had seen Stark naked, and there was no surprise left for Prince Andrew either.

    Prince Charles (1948 - Present)
    Once again, another one of Queen Elizabeth II's sons, and the father of Prince William.  Prince Charles is currently the Prince of Whales. He was married to Princess Diana who I feel was one of the greatest women in history. Unfortunately, he had a long-term affair with his ex, Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he is now married to. Princess Diana believed he had other affairs too. My view on this ordeal: Camilla is a royal home wrecker.

  • Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (1946 - Present)
    King Carl is currently the King of Sweden. Maxim stated "the king of Sweden--a man married 34 years to Queen Silvia--indulged in sex parties thrown by mafia cronies, loved strip clubs, and entertained young ladies in his Jacuzzis." He was said to even have an affair Camilla Henemark, Swedish entertainer. This king is clearly a womanizer.
  • Catherine the Great (1729 - 1796)
    Men were not the only ones looking for a little extra scandalous action. Women, of course,  partook in these sneaky little activities too. Catherine the Great was the Empress of Russia. She was known for having several love affairs, and even appointed them to royal positions as long as she still found an interest in them. I forgot to mention, she was the royal cougar, and she dated men that weren't even half her age. Her sexually biased personal life led to rumors of her dying in the middle of getting it on. Sorry guys, but she died of a stroke.
  • So, with the royal wedding coming up, who thinks scandal will be in store for the soon-to-be newlyweds?