The bass player.. nobody thumps slaps and picks the bass like these guys.  Top 5 in no particular order

Oh sure, why should all the lead guitarists and drummers get all the credit. Bass players are key.  They keep the groove going.

#5) Les Claypool

Les Claypool of Primus auditioned to join Metallica after the death of Cliff Burton, but was supposedly rejected for being too good.

The bassline to Primus' 1991 hit Tommy The Cat is one long bass solo.

#4) Cliff Burton

Before his death in 1986 Cliff Burton was a pioneer of heavy metal bass playing.

Burton's distinctive style of 'lead' bass parts helped to define Metallica's sound. This bass instrumental from the band's debut record, Kill 'Em All, is killer.

#3) Geddy Lee

How could we talk about great bass solos without having something from Geddy Lee of Rush? He is one bassist has inspired just about every bass player at some point.

#2) Flea

Here is a character that has done some impressive bass work for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea is one of a kind, inspirational and talented bass players in the world today.

#1) John Entwistle

A real classic bass guitar player and video clip. Who doesnt know John Entwistle's bass solo in My Generation? Very impressive slappin!

Besides watching this classic video to see Pete Townshend, dont forget Keith Moons infamous explosion!