If you're rich like us the Mercedes new S Class might be worth looking at. If the 2014 models are anything close to the cost of the 2013 models expect to pay between $90,000-$220,000. But what you get for your money is completely worth it. We wouldn't be caught dead in anything other then a S65 AMG. Definitely not a 2003 VW Jetta.

5. New Dash: The new S Class has replaced the old dash with two large flat screens.  The screens are back lit for that extra luxurious feel.

4. Simple Controls: Mercedes hired an army of programmers to simplify the in dash controls, so that it will be less distracting to us.

3. Plusher Seating: Mercedes wants us to feel better after a drive in the S Class than we did before so the seats now have built in massagers. These are great for long trips in the winter when we're on very little sleep. Now if your on a Ramen Noodle budget you might not want to opt for the reclining rear seating. Who cares how comfortable the people are in the back seat anyway.

2. Car Perfume: But we can make sure that we or our passengers never have to deal with a foul smell. With a fragrance dispenser in the glove box that oozes perfume out of vents.

1. Style: Want to pay for something completely useless? Get the dash leather in a quilted pattern.


Here is a video of the interior by Mercedes-Benz Enthusiast Channel 2:

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