You're watching a sporting event on TV when the announcer says a name of a player that immediately causes you to say in your best Beavis & Butthead impersonation 'What is that players name'??  Check out our Top 5  list of names in sports that will certainly make you laugh or utter 'What were the parents thinking'?
This is my Top 5  list of unique names in sports.

5.  Dick Butkus

He was the most feared, intiminating player on the field.. probably because of his last name - as he would kick your butt!

4. Misty Hyman

She won a US gold medal for the 200m Butterfly in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Also heard she has a brother named Buster.

3. Karen Cockburn

Need I say more.. she is a world champion on the trampoline. Don't make her mad or she'll do something bad to your junk!

2. Dick Trickle

NASCAR racer that is known for smoking in the car while under caution. When your name is Dick Trickle, I guess you can do anything in NASCAR. When I used to go to NASCAR races, we called him 'Does Your'!

1. Rusty Kuntz

His name still to this day is too dirty for baseball. When asked why didnt he ever change his name when he made it to the majors? He politely said "I never thought about that". At least its not spelled with a C.


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