The 2012 Summer Olympics are underway in London. 204 countries are being represented by over 10,000 athletes. Some of these athletes have crazy names. Names that will make you laugh, make you cringe and make you question their parents. Check out my top 5 crazy names of Olympian's competing this summer.

1. Yoo Suk Kim -

He is a pole vaulter representing Korea. When the crowd chants his name are they really cheering for him or telling him he really sucks!

2. Destinee Hooker -

She is a volleyball player for the United States. With all the discussion of the women's volleyball team wearing or not wearing bikini's. This athlete by name could love you long time without the bikini as she plays the indoor type of volleyball.

3. Jack Bauer -

He is a cyclist from New Zealand. Since I am a huge '24' fan, Jack Bauer can save the world and win a gold medal at the same time but only in 24 hours.

4. Victoria Poon

Representing Canada in relay swimming is Victoria Poon. She could be the anchor of all desires.

5. Hulk

Yes there is a athlete named Hulk. He plays soccer for Brazil. Not sure if he turns green when he misses a goal. The name itself causes fear into people.

Honorable mention: Hope Solo, Dong Dong, Fanny Babou, Kelsey Titmarsh, Yoshie Takeshita.