As the temperature in the Capital Region rises, the only way to cool off is with some good old-fashioned ice cream. There are many places to get ice cream in the area, I give you my list of five. Feel free to add your favorite ice cream location.

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    Jumpin Jacks in Scotia

    I grew up in Scotia and nothing beats a soft chocolate/vanilla twist in a good old-fashioned ice cream cone from Jumpin' Jacks after you ate dinner. You can stroll over to Freedom Park or Collins Park while you devour your cone.

    jumpin jacks
  • 2

    The Snowman Ice Cream

    Located at 531 5th Avenue in Troy, I tried this place last year for the first time and it is awesome. With close to 30 different hard ice cream flavors, it's tough to go against the Snowman.

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    Kurver Kreme

    In business for over 57 years, Kruver Kreme (at 1349 Central Avenue in Colonie) is the place where crowds gather as soon as the weather breaks. Try the Hot Fudge Sundae- wow...

    kurver ice cream
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    Guptil's Coney Express

    If you don't know exactly what you want, but you know you want ice cream, then try Guptil's Coney Express located on Route 9 in Latham. They have EVERYTHING. Think of it and they'll create it. They open the earliest in the season and stay open the longest. At least once this summer, Guptils is your destination.

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  • 5

    Curry Freeze

    Located at 1085 Curry Road in Rotterdam, Curry Freeze will cool you off with some really good ice cream. My grandparents used to take me here on really hot summer afternoons. The prices are reasonable and offer many favors and sizes.

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