What is the first town you think of when you hear the term "tiny town"? Time to find out if that town has made the list.

I would love to say it is very possible you live in a tiny town, I cannot, however. Some of these towns are so small that they may not even have a grocery store. Some so little that their population is so minuscule that the odds are you do not live in them. For me when I found this list I thought, I am sure I will see some towns here in the area I have never heard of. I was wrong.

The list NYUP compiled is basing their data off of population growth over the last year. On top of that, of course the data is also based off of the overall population of a town too. Only three of our area towns made the top 50 list. Here they are.

  • #50 - Esperance - Pop. 371 - 0.87% growth since 2016
  • #32 - Argyle - Pop. 294 - 0.34% growth since 2016
  • #9 - Galway - Pop. 197 - 0% growth since 2016

Your town make the list?