As another year draws to a close we all begin to reflect on what happened in 2011 and with that we were inspired to see what the biggest stories on were – and by biggest we mean the most read. Out of the hundreds of stories we published, anything to do with hot girls and babes got your attention. You also enjoyed some other fun stuff too – check out the top ten stories from after the jump.

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    Miley Cyrus Sex Doll

    You big old perverts love this article a ton. The girl is barely legal but hey fresh meat is fresh meat, right?

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
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    Sully Erna From Godsmack Talks Q-Ruption And More

    Our first ever Q-Ruption was THE rock show of the year and leading up to it we spoke to Sully who gave us some insight into performing and life in general. You clearly love Sully and enough to make this interview our ninth most read article of 2011.

    Nick Lee
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    Guns N Roses Cancels Show At Albany Times Union Center

    We didn't even know that the number of people who read this were even interested in going to the show (thousands read this story) but alas it's our eight most read article for 2011. Maybe GNR will actually play next time. If not we're sure thousands of you will read the cancelation article again.

    Theo Wargo, Getty Images
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    Ozzy Osbourne Re-Issue Sneak Peek

    Sneak peek at new Ozzy music? Hell yeah! It was all fun and games and new rock until the record label changed their mind about letting us share it. Well - it was good while it lasted.

    Sony Music
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    Scotty McCreery National Anthem Fail at World Series [VIDEO]

    BJ had a good ear when he heard what sounded like 'no way Jose' come out of the mouth of Scotty McCreery while performing the national anthem. You agreed and loved watching this flub over and over again. The McCreery fans however were rabid with defending their guy in the comments. Together those of you laughing and those of you defending made this our sixth most read article of 2011.

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    The Hottest Female News Anchor in the Albany Area

    With SIX local news outlets there is no shortage of hotties delivering the news and we ranked who we thought the hottest of the hot ladies are. You enjoyed looking too. We sum up the fifth most read article of the year with three words - NOM NOM NOM

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    Rugby Rules Explained By Super Hot Girls [VIDEO]

    Rugby? Who cares! That's some sport they play in Europe that is cared about less than soccer. BUT if you have some hot girls explain the game suddenly it's interesting. Hell, these ladies could explain how the fire alarm works and turn us on. They made you all hot and bothered - it's our fourth most read article of the year.

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    Hear New Nickelback Songs ‘Bottoms Up’ and ‘When We Stand Together’[UPDATE]

    Again - hearing new music first is a big deal for you. Nickelback is a polarizing band in the sense that everyone hates them and everyone loves to proclaim "Nickelback Sucks"; but somehow they sell tons of records and fill arenas. We get it. Closet Nickelback fans are what this is all about. Nobody wants to admit it but we know your secret because this is the third most read article of the year.

    Nickelback Facebook
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    SNL Digital Short, Are You a V-Neck Guy? [VIDEO]

    This one surprised us and we don't understand why or how this is our second most read article but alas it is. SNL apparently is funny again and you wanted to watch this clip repeatedly. So you did. Then you shared it with all of your friends. And they shared it. Whoa. We didn't' even have to add a hot chick to this one to make it popular - but image if we had!

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    Mila Kunis is GQ Magazine’s ‘Knockout of the Year’ [PICTURE]

    We are not at all shocked that our most read story on for 2011 involved a babe. She's hot. She's Mila Kunis. You have no idea what she's been in (other than your fantasies) but you know one thing - she's HOT and she's GQ's Knockout of The Year. She's also our number one read story of 2011. Thanks for being hot Mila!