We love countdowns!! New Years Day, Q103 is counting down the Top 10 Lists A-Z. Everything from Alice In Chains to Zeppelin plus everything else in between.

Who will be number one? Welcome in 2011 on New Years Weekend, with the Q103 Top Ten List A-Z.  We'll countdown the top 10 songs from artists, categories and events. Every hour a new countdown.  Hear the Top 10 AC/DC,  Alice In Chains,  Alternative,  hard rock, s, Disturbed, Godsmack, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Soundgarden, STP, Led Zeppelin, top 10 songs from bands that played at Northern Lights in 2010 and more.  The Top 10 lists will start on January 1st 2011 at 10am, right after the 'Best of 2010' from Free Beer & Hot Wings. So who will be number 1? You got to listen!