You must be this tall to ride, this old to drink and you must be this not so fat to tan. Those are pretty solid policies of you ask me. According to a story out of Akron, OH a women was refused service at Aloha Tanning when the man working told her she was too heavy to use one of the lay down tanning beds. The salon’s policy is that the tanning beds are not to have anyone weighing over 230 lbs in them. When Kelly McGrevey was told this she screamed “discrimination” on the whole situation.

I don’t understand what this chick is so angry about. The beds can only hold a maximum of 230 lbs. What did she want the salon to do, just take a chance with her hippopotamus body? They stopped her before something tragic could have happened. What if she were to go tanning and fall through the glass while the bed was on. Has she NOT seen the Final Destination movies? Some pretty messed up stuff can go wrong in the tanning bed. If something were to go wrong while Kelly was in the tanning bed she’d be more than just fat, she’d be fried like a side of bacon, a big side of bacon but bacon none the less.

Kelly McGrevey needs to stop her bitching and focus on the real issue. The issue isn’t that the tanning beds don’t accommodate her frame. The issue is she can’t fit in normal people things! Let’s not take this moment to complain. How about you step back and reexamine yourself for a minute. When pumping unnatural amounts of cancer causing UV rays ISN’t the most unhealthy thing you are doing to your body it may be time to reevaluate your life.