One of the biggest stories in rock music right now is the possibility of a Black Sabbath reunion with all original members. Not only a possible tour but also a new album too.  Tony Iommi recently told Rolling Stone that there is no "bad vibes" with band members, but it's been a "long time" since they have been in the same room together.

To see the four original members of Black Sabbath back together would be a great thing.  To see them put together a brand new album would be remarkable.  So will it happen?  Right now that remains to be seen.  Rolling Stone sat down with the Sabbath axe man himself Tony Iommi and asked him about the rumored reunion.

One of the things they asked him was if the original members are currently getting along to which he replied that he doesn't think there is any bad blood between them.   He said that he talks to drummer Bill Ward all the time and regularly emails with bassist Geezer Butler.  So how long has it been since the four of them were all together?  "A long time".

A Sabbath reunion is for sure long overdue.  Hopefully it comes to fruition soon so we can stop saying "rumored".  Check out the complete interview with Rolling Stone for more on the one on one with Iommi.