Two time best actor winner, director and now weather man.  Tom Hanks can add that to his resume after his stop at Univision yesterday to promote his latest movie.

One thing can be said about actor Tom Hanks. The guy knows how to have some fun. He may play serious rolls, but when he wants to be funny he can be. His Saturday Night Live appearances have always been some of my favorites and after all, he is the one who started the whole "Team CoCo" thing when Conan O'Brien was in trouble at NBC.

The other day he stopped by Univision's morning show to promote his new movie Larry Crowne and even decided to help with the weather. They do weather a little different on the Spanish language channels.  Apparently they like to dance through the report.  They also like to have really hot weather girls.  Who cares if you don't speak the language, because Hanks sure isn't an expert, but a very funny clip.