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--Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - 33 - "Prison Break" villain Gretchen Morgan, and Don Johnson's daughter on "Nash Bridges".

--Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - 37 - Says he doesn’t even care about The Chase anymore… He just wants to get a win!

--Mario Lopez - 38 - Slater on "Saved By The Bell"… That was a show that I could never get into… but I certainly would have loved to get into Tiffani Amber Thiessen... Yeahguy!

--Brett Favre - 42 Oh man… What can you say about Favre? I used to love him. I wanted him to play forever. I really did. I used to joke around saying that I’d like to see him playing QB from a wheelchair someday. But what happened? His last pass in Green Bay was an interception. As a member of the Jets he was picked off multiple times in the last game of the season that would have put them in the playoffs. And then in Minnesota he went from being one play away (vs. the Saints) from being in the Super Bowl, to having probably his worst season in his career. And if all these horrible endings weren’t enough… What about him texting pictures of his junk while he was married? C’mon Brett! If she told that she wasn’t interested, what made you think that a picture of your wrinkly 40-something year old penis would change the mind of a stunning babe in her mid-twenties? I do sense that Brett might not have been 100% to blame as I think she was playing with him a bit and led him on. But either way, that whole thing was the most damaging to his legacy to me.

Favre has recently tried being the TV color man for his alma mater Southern Miss. But don’t expect to see him calling a game on ESPN anytime soon.

--Jodi Benson - 50-Voice of Ariel in "The Little Mermaid"

--Julia Sweeney – 52 - Is it a boy, or a girl? It’s “Pat” from Saturday Night Live

--Bradley Whitford - 52 - Josh Lyman on "The West Wing"

--Tanya Tucker - 53 - Some old ass country chic… but at least she had a nice boob job!

--David Lee Roth – 57 - Now, this guy is an entertainer. Van Halen certainly had some great success with Sammy Hagar, but I don’t think they ever would have been on the map if Diamond Dave wasn’t their front man. That infamous scream thing he did with his voice. His flamboyant clothing and on stage acrobatics, and just a general ‘good time’ vibe that made the whole band seem fun. I also loved how Dave was not afraid to attempt to sing anything like the big band type stuff on Crazy from the Heat, or “Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) from Diver Down. Dave did it all, and was always smiling.