Clarissa Explains It All, Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple and My Brother and Me? Kenny King of TNA Impact Wrestling has done them all and isn't shy about sharing his experiences. Being on the top of one of the biggest wrestling companies is pretty sweet, but it doesn't impress me as much has hanging with a young Melissa Joan Hart.

Kenny King is the current X Division champion for TNA Impact Wrestling but before this life as a pro wrestler he had veins filled with slim. Recently a totally Rad dude brought to my attention that Kenny King was one of the featured characters on the Super Nintendo game “Guts”. When I saw this I just had to talk to him. After I got a hold of the X Division champion I learned not only did he get come face to face with the ever desired agro crag but he also had a ton of other awesome nostalgic 90’s nickelodeon experience.

“I was a nickelodeon kid… I started taking acting classes at age 7.”

“It was the very first game with digitized face in it… super Nintendo that was pretty big thing.”

“I didn’t have a chance to see it because I had sega genesis and I wasn’t switching over.”

“… I got on just about every nickelodeon show there was… Clarissa Explains It All, Welcome freshmen, several SNICK commercials…”

“… Carmen Electra is coming over to shave me…”

“I wanted to be either an actor of a football player and I find that pro wrestling is kind of a mash up of both.”

“He had a piece of the agro crag and he would like really rub it in…”

“I did the pilot for The Legends of the Hidden Temple and I actual did the show and it Sucked!”

“… I was a green Monkey.”                          -Kenny King