Just as Respawn Entertainment unveiled its official trailer for Titanfall: Expedition, we have learned of some of the major updates that are finally coming to the Xbox 360 edition of the game.

We have received our first official look at the Runoff, Swampland and War Games maps in action as Respawn Entertainment has let us in on some of the content updates that are hitting the current-gen version of Titanfall. While we have reported on these maps in the past, it's great to see how they function when there are Pilots and Titans about shooting at one another. In particular, the holographic effects of the War Games level are particularly stunning. War Games incorporates the same technology used for the Pilot-training sequences of the game's tutorials, but with some wild effects tossed in. The level is actually a mashup of preexisting Titanfall maps with holographic effects occurring in-between each themed area of the level, but these holograms are visibly broken in some areas, offering a vibrant visual effect.

We also got to see the Runoff and Swampland maps in action. Runoff is an industrial water/waste treatment plant that features many trenches to camp your Titan in, along with plenty of buildings to use for cover. The Swampland offers local fauna for you to hide behind and even climb as you get your Titan-war on in the bayou.

Respawn said that Bluepoint Games (who developed the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall) are working around the clock post-release in order to enhance the game to the standards of its Xbox One and PC counterparts. Rebirth explains that it finely tunes its content repeatedly before releasing it and Bluepoint can't start work on bringing these changes to the 360 version until the Xbox One/PC update is finalized in order to find out what is exactly being changed. Xbox 360 players should expect the same Gooser challenge and private match options that the next-gen version received this past March in the next few weeks.

Titanfall’s Expedition DLC is launching later this month for Xbox One and PC at the price of $9.99. Expedition will be hitting the Xbox 360 sometime in June. There will be two more DLC packs coming out in the future that have yet to be announced. Pilots hoping to buy all three of these DLC pieces should get the Season Pass for Titanfall for $24.99, which includes the Expedition DLC and gives you a $5 discount compared to buying each map pack individually.