Wednesday night from 7p-9p is the season finale of Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia at City Sports Grille in Clifton Park.  Next week we'll be at a new location.  If you want to impress, I got some tips to help you win!

Rob Dawes is your host and we play three rounds of pop culture trivia against the Q103 Q-Tease to win prizes.  We had some good ones too like tickets to Rock On The Range.   This week you're playing for tickets to Avenged Sevenfold, Danzig, Alter Bridge and Seether.

Q-Tease Stephanie makes her return for the last night of trivia at the City Sports Grille.  She be joined by newcomer Nikki.  I guess Jen is finally taking her driving test, since she has had so many crashes-
So let's make this last night a good one!  Dont worry trivia fans, we'll be at a new location starting May 4th.  Keep listening to Q103 for new location details.   

Since you might want some help in answering some questions, I was able to steal a few and post here.  Hopefully you get some good points out of it and Rob doesnt stiff you with easy 2 or 4 pointers.

Question #1 

Which Iron Maiden song is their longest? Which album is it from?

Answers: Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Powerslave.  We get lots of requests for Maiden, not this song in particular, maybe it should be a audio daily double!

Question # 2

What was the name of the last album Ozzy recorded with Black Sabbath?

Answer: Never Say Die  -  I'm sure not everyone knows everything there is about Black Sabbath or Ozzy, so thank me when its worth 8 points!!

Question #3

What color is a Lobster's blood?

Answer:  Blue.   All I know is its red when it ready to eat!

Question #4

Whats the best way to kill a Vampire? 

Answer: Sunlight.   of course we know a wooden stake and silver bullet will do the same thing.  Trust me its sunlight!
Question #5

Whats the last sense to go when a person dies?

Answer: Hearing.   Nikki will know this as she is the funeral director!

Have fun at the final night at City Sports Grille next to Spare Time Clifton Park 1668 Route 9 Clifton Park.  Trivia runs from 7p-9p.  There are Labatt specials and 35 cent wings starting at 8pm.  After each round there is a chance to win appetizers and gift certificates, plus at the end of the night tickets to various shows.   

We would like to thank the City Sports Grille and the staff for their great hospitality the last 12 weeks. We will miss you.  The new location doesnt know what its in for!

Good Luck