Last night was actor/comedian Tim Allen's return to where he became a household name, ABC prime time.  His new show Last Man Standing premiered last night, and over all it wasn't bad, but it leave me longing for Home Improvement.

Back in the 90's Tim Allen was larger than life.  He had a hit TV show, he had movies.  For Pete's sake, he was Buzz Lightyear.  Well Tim is back, with a new show with a bit of the same dynamic.  Last Man Standing puts Tim Allen's character smack dab in an evolving world that he really doesn't understand.  Back in the Home Improvement days I know the show was loosely based on Allen's stand up act, so I can't help but think that this is just that, evolved.

The show's premise is that the world has turned into a bunch of softies, and Allen's character ( Mike Baxter) is a "man's man" who wants to set things right.  it's not to far off from hims Tim Taylor character, plus he once again has a tough wife who isn't afraid to let him have it three children.  Instead of three boys, this time he has three girls, one of which has a baby.  I think the characters work pretty well.  Nancy Travis as his wife, Vanessa Baxter, is a great addition as well as Héctor Elizondo as Allen's boss, Ed.

Overall, I thought the show was pretty funny.  It did have me missing those classic Home Improvement episodes though.  If your looking for something more than a sitcom, than this is not for you.  If you like to laugh and are a fan of Allen's brand of comedy then you'll love it.  Last Man Standing will air Tuesday nights on ABC at 8pm.