Ever flash your lights at oncoming traffic to warn them that there was a cop ahead? You could wind up in jail for it. Making a sign that says the cops are waiting ahead is apparently also frowned upon. Trying to keep some cops from making their quota is risky business. You got to take into consideration that standing with a “Speed Trap” sign might piss some officers off.

This chick from this ABC News story was locked up for 15 hours after she was arrested for warning drivers of an oncoming speed trap. The police actually arrested her for walking in the street, but she insisted it was for holding up her sign. I think it was actually for looking like an anorexic version of Jaba The Hut.

I always thought it was illegal to warm people about the cops speed traps but I guess I was mislead. Perhaps it’s just flashing your lights that isn't allowed, but everyone does it,  right?