It's the end of the school year, when students say good-bye for a long summer vacation.  Sometimes those good-byes turn into sexual tryst's with teachers.   Recently three teachers across the country have been arrested for having sex with their students.   So we ask which one is hotter?  Take the poll and let us know.

Erin Sayer - A married 36 year old English teacher at James Madison High School in New York City is accused of having sex with an 11th grader that she was tutoring.  The couple shared almost 4000 text messages over a 17 day period and had sex numerous times in her SUV.   An investigation was started after the students girlfriend hacked into his facebook account and saw all the explicit messages.

Melody Carter McCabe - A 27 year old Agricultural Teacher at Livingston High School in Merced CA is accused of having a year long sexual relationship with a 15 year old student.  The couple began as she was mentoring the student thru Future Farmers of America program.  He would also help out around her house with yard work among other things.  It is noted that they had sex more than 50 times and used a purple vibrator on her many times.

Jenna Anne Schultz - A 26 year old teacher at Simley High School in St. Paul Minnesota is accused of stalking a 17 year old student.  She reportedly sent numerous text messages including a naked photo between May 11th and 14th.  The student wanted nothing to do with her and turn over the messages and photo to police.  She began teaching at the school in April and was scheduled until the end of the school's year.

Where were these teachers when I was in school?

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