Everyone is always looking for a good way to save money.  Well here are three ways to not only save money, but open up your schedule and help out Mother Nature too. Who isn't a fan of saving a little bit of cash here and there?  In these economic times we are all searching for ways to cut back.  It may be easier than you think, and we are here to give you some very quick and easy money saving tips.  While your at it, these tips will also save you time and help you go green.

Double Up On Toilets

How many times have you been to some sort of festival where you have to wait in line to hit the bathroom?  We think that is complete nonsense.   Team up and hit the bathroom together.  Not just outdoors ones either.  There is more than enough room for two of you to take care of your business.

Ladies, this will work for you too.  As long as one of you sits just right, you'll be in good shape. Then hop on her lap.  Guys, same goes for you if one has to go number two.  Create a porthole and get it done.  You'll be back to what you were doing in no time.


Go Into The Rain

Tired of waiting to take a shower?  Mother nature has provided us with showers for free!  Just head into your yard, soap up and let the clouds do the work for you.  If you have some extra time on your hands leave a tub outside and prepare yourself a bath.  Nothing says clean like standing in the rain.  Give it a try!


Tan in your car


Tanning salons can be pretty pricy, plus studies show they can lead down a bad road.  Why not take advantage of your lunch break to develop a nice healthy glow.  Remember what the sun did to those ants when it went through a magnifying glass?  That's your car windshield!

Hop in your drivers seat, lay back and get your George Hamilton on!  People will think your a member of the 'Jersey Shore' cast in no time at all!

It's simple and easy, but with these you are well on your way to a greener planet, heavier wallet, and an uncluttered scheduled.  You're Welcome.