Over the weekend Three Days Grace finally announced the addition of Matt Walst as their new lead singer, replacing Adam Gontier. Many fans question if this will change the sound the band. You can be the judge of that with the debut single 'Painkiller.'

The band posted the following to their fans to go along with the announcement of Matt joining the band full-time.

First we want to thank you the fans for all your support this past 15 months. You embraced us on the road, on the radio and made this thing we do fun.

We always talk about being onstage pushing all that energy out, and when we get all that energy back tenfold, it's just amazing to see. It's an honor to have had so much support over the past 15 months, and once again, you've confirmed what we've always known, that we have the best fans in the world.

We are happy to announce that Matt will be a part of Three Days Grace. Matt has been on the road with us, and has been writing with us since 2003. Bringing Matt into the 3DG family is a no-brainer...he's always been in it.

Your first taste of new Three Days Grace may be even sooner than you think. Big things happening next week. Stay tuned....

The first song with Matt on vocals was released today and is called 'Painkiller.' It features the classic Three Days Grace sound but with the obvious vocal differences. Some fans will love it while others will frown upon it wishing the original line-up was still together.

You be the judge and let us know your thoughts