Sometimes it’s conversations that grab my attention when I’m doing terrible things in the public bathroom.

This past weekend I was visiting NYC and I had to dip into a restaurant to take care of some business. While I sat upon my porcelain throne in John's Pizzeria Buffet, I noticed a lot of drawings and writing on the stall door. However, past the cartoon penises and “for a good time” comments I noticed a string of comments that added up to be the best bathroom conversation I have ever seen. Sadly my phone had already died so taking a photo was not possible. However I remembered the conversation read as below.

“Toy Story 2 is the best!”

“Number 3 is pretty awesome as well”


“Number one is still the best!”

What an amazing exchange of true comments. And in the most unique and appropriate forum ever. It just goes to show two things.

#1: People can look past drawing penises and writing people's phone numbers enough to talk toilet time cinema.

#2: A lot of people still drop a load off with sharpie markers in their pockets.