A University in Australia has come up with the latest fashion trend.  A dress made completely out of wine.  So how fast till it gets you buzzed?Researchers at the University of Western Australia have done it now.  They have bypassed the getting dressed part of going out to drink.  Gary Cass took bacteria that was growing on wine, and turned it into a way to make clothing.  Pretty crazy.

Basically the bacteria continues to grow and makes the clothing all on it's own.  A little help from some tailors no doubt, but it's very futuristic - and kind of creepy.  Not a win person?  No problem.  They have also figured out how to make cloths out of Guinness too.

According to the Yahoo, the cloths smell like the alcohol they were made out of.  Somehow I think this could get you in trouble with the police.  'No Officer, I haven't been drinking, my cloths are made out of beer'.

[Via Yahoo]