Alright, it's summer time in the Capital Region and that means there's a unlimited amount of things to do from going to Lake George, Saratoga Racecourse, Thatcher Park, or Hiking, White Water Rafting, Mini Golf, and Go-karting.

You could do those usual mundane things that everyone else will be doing or you could get creative with your fun. Here's a list of things to do in the Capital Region this summer to keep you from being bored.

Please bare in mind we CANNOT be held responsible for the repercussions if you attempt any of these acts/actions listed below.


  • Super glue a dollar bill to the sidewalk anywhere downtown, especially where the panhandlers are around the Times Union Center, then watch as they attempt to pick it up
  • Speaking of panhandlers, ask them if they have a quarter so you can pay the parking meter and watch their reaction
  • Pick any chain restaurant (Part 1). Go in there and start singing Happy Birthday to a random person, just to see if the rest of the place joins in. Bonus points if the staff gets confused and hurries up to bring a sundae out.
  • Pick any chain restaurant (Part 2). Pick any random person and tell the waitstaff it's their birthday. sit back watch from the bar and leave just before they realize it was you.
  • Go a major shopping plaza (or mall) swap out business cards between each business. Either with their competition, or someone else who has absolutely nothing to do with the service they provide.
  • Go to Home Depot or Lowe's and tell the employees that you just dropped 'the kids off at the pool' but the toilet won't flush, then point to the toilet display area
  • Take a candy bar, melt it a bit, then smear it all over the bowl of a toilet in a public restroom. Wait for someone to talk in, follow behind, and hear their reactions. (Bonus points if you do the same to the urinal itself and leave the remaining melted mess in the middle of it).
  • Wear a jockey suit to Saratoga Racecourse and claim to be the largest jockey ever.
  • Take your pet to the local rescue and ask about conjugal visits and when can you schedule them. Claim your dog/cat hasn't gotten any in almost a year.
  • Play tag with random people at Wal-mart (you can't do it anywhere else just because of the level of quality of people is so amazingly fun at Wal-mart). See if anyone will play along.
  • Pick a bar with a dirt cheap happy hour, pay only in change. Bonus points if a majority of the payments are in pennies.
  • Take a box of condoms to the fitting room at Walmart, ask if you can try them on.
  • Buy a fart noise maker. Stand in line at a local ice cream store during their peak hours and let it 'rip.' Just watch the reactions.

Now you have something to do. Enjoy and remember... don't get arrested and if you do, we're not coming to bail you out!