It's almost here! One of the biggest shows of 2011 is just six days away. Disturbed and Korn come together to headline this year's Music as a Weapon tour, which takes place Sunday, January 23rd, at the Glen Falls Civic Center. However, if you're not familiar with the area of Glens Falls, it might be hard to kill time before the show, or to find a place to hang out afterward.


Even in winter, there are plenty of things to do in and around Glens Falls. Here are a few ideas:

  • Aimie's Dinner and Movie: enjoy a fulfilling meal while watching one of the newest movies on the big screen. Sunday matinee's begin at 1 pm, and the menu includes traditional food choices with clever movie-related titles for each course. Starters include Chaplin's chicken wings/fingers, soup, salad and Marilyn's mozzarella sticks. Entrees include Goodfella's Alfredo, Casablanca Chicken, Finding Nemo and Alice's Mushroom.  Make sure to call for reservations!
  • Jiggawatts Gaming: This small, family-owned game store allows consumers to preview and play new and popular video games before purchasing, or to play with a bunch of friends in the same place. Memberships and pre-ordering are not required. It is the only video game lounge in the U.S. that encompasses all of the state-of-the-art gaming systems. Individual and theater suites are also available. Jiggawatt's has every gamer's need and want all in one place. Sunday hours are 12-8 pm.

If you're not up for either of these, Aviation Mall has a great plethora of stores for browsing and buying. It's not too far from Glens Falls, and is open until 6 pm on Sundays. Also in the area are various restaurants, fast food joints and convenience stores. And girls if you need any pampering before the show, Glens Falls is complete with hair salons, spas and nail centers.


When the show is over and you're practically deaf (in a good way of course) here are a few ideas of places you and your friends can go to wind down after hours:

  • The Casino: This is a local bar with a tavern-esque feel and low-key atmoshpere. It's a good place to have a few more drinks (or water) and get your hearing back. Open until 1 am on Sundays.
  • Hotshots: If you're still wired up after the show, this is the perfect place to go. They offer food and drinks, as well as occassional open mike nights. Even if you don't have the greatest voice, try your luck on stage. You might not be a David Draiman, but hey, no one will be able to hear you anyway! Open until 4 am Sundays.

Lastly, if you're hours away from home, Glens Falls has many lodging places to offer. The two most popular in the area being The Queensbury Hotel and The Manor Inn.

The show starts at 7 pm on Sunday, and also includes bands Sevendust and hometown idols In This Moment. It is going to be one of the hugest events of the year, and in my opinion, amazing and unforgettable. And now you and your fellow concert-goers will have something to do before and after the show, with the show of course being the hilight of your day.

Visit the Glens Falls website for more ideas on places to go and things to see!