When it comes to social media, seems like people want to post every little mundane fact about themselves in hopes of the world will give a crap about it. There are times where it can help and become important; like when thieves post about their exploits only to be caught because of doing so. This case is a bit different though, it wasn't the thief that did himself in, rather the CCTV that caught him in the act.

Edward Globe had stolen a kids toy scooter and a small record collection when he was nabbed by a security camera. A still frame picture from the video was posted on the Facebook page "Basildon Memories".

The user noted on the picture "this guy broke into my cousin's garage."

It didn't take long for Mr. Globe to be identified and the 28 year old was arrested later that day.

Facebook actually serves a purpose - who knew? I mean if you're not posting about cat, child, dinner choices, or bathroom habits. It is good to see that social media can be used for good. Now if you will please excuse me while I go and make some really dumb comment on Twitter about something that deals with nothing; like how I am hungover today.

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