After seeing Sully rock out the drums at Q-Ruption this weekend, I hit up the Internet for awesome drummers to listen to today.  While doing so, I stumbled upon a list of the thirty richest drummers in the world.  The top of the list - not really a surprise.  I am, however, shocked at how much these cats get paid to bang on the drum all day put together a list of the thirty richest drummers on the planet.  Topping the list is Ringo Star at 300 million bucks!  Not much of a surprise, but I am dumbfounded at how many beans these guys get.   The website even states that they account for taxes taken out, fees and even lifestyle.  Basically, these drummers have this kind of cash in their bank accounts. Crazy!

Brian at Celebrity Net Worth Put together a great list - here are a few Q103 artist rankings:

  • #5: Lars Ulrich Net Worth – $175 Million (Metallica)
  • #20: Tre Cool Net Worth – $45 Million (Green Day)
  • #21: Danny Carey Net Worth – $40 Million (Tool)
  • #27: Taylor Hawkins Net Worth – $20 Million (Foo Fighters)
  • #29: Steven Adler Net Worth – $15 Million (Guns N’ Roses)


Any of your favorite drummers make the list?  Man, what would you do with that kind of cash!?