A show that seems to have been on forever is the CW's One Tree Hill.  Guys hate it, and the women can't get enough of it, but guys there may be a few reasons to turn this into a guilty pleasure show.

Am I a fan of One Tree Hill?  Absolutely not, but my lady is and therefore whether I like it or not I get to see it every now and then.  Not like I'm watching it or understand the story line, but it's there and I have noticed that this show has some very pretty ladies.

Guys we need to face the facts, and that's that women watch shows with hot women in them.  So while we don't enjoy the soap opera feel, though it could drag you in, you will enjoy the sexy women that are thrown in your face by the teenage wet dream station, The CW.

Case in point, Sophia Bush.  She has been eye candy for us on this show since 2003 and just seems to be getting hotter.  She has made the Maxim and FHM hot list on multiple occasions.  Lets not forget that she also as made her hotness known on the big screen too.  How hot was she fighting off that psycho in The Hitcher in just her panties?   She is just one of the reasons to tune into this show.

Sophia isn't the only hottie either. She has been joined since 2003 by Bethany Joy Galeotti, she is also seen weekly with the red hot Shantel VanSanten.   The cast was joined a season or two ago by country singer Jana Kramer who adds some country hotness to this already stellar lineup.