Straight out of Cleveland I give you a middle aged white woman sucking up the rap game harder than the Dyson Ball. This is weather girl Robin Swoboda from WKYC in Cleveland and her hot fire is about as parallel with the current temperatures as you can get. Robin decided since we can’t comprehend how cold it is with a simple number she takes us outside to show us a desk made of ice and parady of “ice ice baby” that would make weird all roll over in his grave. And since weird al isn’t dead this rap would first kill him, bring him back to life, have him die from the sheer shock that someone reanimated his dead body, burring him again and then roll over in his grave.


By the way: I hate this guy way more than I hate Robin Swoboda. “You know what your nick name is now right?... Vanilla Ice”. No kidding J-hole? You mean you’re nick naming her after the rapper who’s song she ripped off? Brilliant!