It's the aftermath of what went down in the last episode, which was Otis' unfortunate murder by Shane.  Now he has to live with it, but can he?  How long before he snaps?

The beginning of the episode has us at the funeral of Otis.  During the funeral they asked Shane to tell them about his last moments, since he was the only one there with him.  Shane is the only one who actually knows what happened on that night and he is keeping that to himself.  He does say one thing that's true, and that's that if not for Otis he would have never made it back.  What he left out was that it's because he shot Otis in the leg and he got his face eaten off by walkers.  How long is he going to be able to live with this guilt?  Only a matter of time before he totally flips on everyone.

In the meantime Carl is recovering nicely from the surgery that he had to remove the rest of the bullets from his stomach.  Hershel pulls Rick aside and tells him that him and his group aren't accustomed to taking in strangers, so once Carl is safe for travel they need to move on.  This doesn't sit well with Rick.  He explains to Hershel that he has no idea what it's like on the road and to ask them to go back out there into that isn't right.  Hershel reluctantly agrees that if they follow the rules they can stay for a while, which only leads me to believe that the rules will for sure be broken, or have they already broken them?

Now the moment you have all been waiting for.  The discovery of the bloated well walker.  Dale and T-Dog find a walker has somehow ended up down in Hershel's well that they use to feed the cows.  It looks like it had been down there for a while.  They figure that it hasn't contaminated the water yet, but they need to get it out of there so that it doesn't.  Shoot it?  No, they blood would leak into the water, thus contamination.  So they lower Glenn into the well to tie a rope around it to drag it out.  Of course it can't happen without something going wrong and they almost drop Glenn straight into the walkers grip.  He somehow gets the rope around it and they drag it out, but it get stuck, rips in half and it's bloated rotting guts spill into the well.  So much for that plan.

Glen and one of Hershel's daughters (Maggie) go into the town to get supplies from the pharmacy.  In the last episode it looked like Maggie was into the Asian sensation, and she made good on it in last nights episode.  They totally had sex at that pharmacy, you go Glenn.  Afterwards Maggie acts like it was nothing, when it clearly was to Glenn.  I think it's because she knows that her father won't allow them to stay and she doesn't want to get attached.  I also think he's going to find out about the sex and kick them out.  He just strikes me as that kind of person.  I see Glenn and Maggie together, so maybe she joins up with them.

Going on elsewhere in zombie filled Georgia, Daryl is doing everything he can to find Sophia.  he comes across an abandoned house, and it looks like someone had been staying there and it could very well had been Sophia.  He feels like he is close and he lets Carol know that all of it isn't for nothing.  I just wish they would find this girl.

The end of the episode finds Laurie taking a pregnancy test that she asked Glenn to get her while in town.  She's keeping it a secret which leads me to believe that it's probably Shane's kid.  I can only imagine what will happen when that can of worms opens up.  It' not going to be pretty for Shane or Laurie in Ricks eyes.

Next episode things look to get out of control.  Those of you who saw the promo for next week know that a walker, or walkers (no idea yet) have made their way to Hershel's farm.  We also see that Daryl's brother Merl is back, we knew he would be.  Maybe he has Sophia?  Could he be keeping her safe?  Is he the forgiving kind or are they really going to have to cut ties with him?  All I know is that I can't wait.

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