The guys from The Virginmarys stopped by the Q103 garage to play a small closed off acoustic session. Before the music started they were nice enough to let me take a few moments to get to know them. Coming from England Ally, Danny and Matt had a lot to say about the difference between the UK and the United States.

I wanted to know all about the awkwardness they find when traveling on a small bus together. Ally Dickaty reviled to me it’s the male nudity on the bus he fears the most. Matt Rose informed us all how he has curious hands and Danny hates to be touched. The interview takes a left turn when we start talking about live stock and their privet parts and then we somehow get back on track with their music.

Check out this sit down I had with Ally Dickaty, Matt Rose and DannyDolan of the Virginmarys then check out their exclusive Q103 acoustic garage session.