I can’t tell you how many loaves of bread I waste because I leave my bread in the toaster too long.

enpundit -The transparent toaster is an actual idea someone had? Like there are a group of inventors that are working out the kinks to make this an actual house hold appliance? Sometimes I think people get so fed up trying to figure out solutions to actual issues in the world they just switch gears to useless stuff like transparent toasters.

Call me crazy, but I’m particular about what kinds of food I like to see in glass containers. Don’t serve me coffee in a clear glass mug and definitely do not serve me my soup in a clear glass bowl. I don’t want to see my coffee like it’s an underwater tank at sea world and if you expect me to eat soup when I can clearly see in through the sides, you’re crazy! I don’t want to see my soup, I don’t want to see my coffee and I definitely don’t want the surprise of my toast being ready or not taken away from me!